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Is Trombone Champ on Steam Deck?

Courtesy of Holy Wow

Fans of Trombone Champ will delight in knowing it is available to play on the Steam Deck.

Trombone Champ is an endearing trombone-based rhythm game that delightfully puts you in control of a cartoon trombone player who struggles to hit the correct pitch. Although the game only released on Sept. 15, the game has become more popular than anyone could have imagined, thanks to its humor and charm.

While PC fans have had an entire week to play through various songs with questionable skill, many fans of Trombone Champ have wondered if the game is available to play on Steam Deck.

Is Trombone Champ on Steam Deck?

We are happy to say that fans looking to take their trombone on the go will be able to experience Trombone Champ anywhere thanks to its compatibility with the Steam Deck.

Thanks to the Steam Deck's gyro controls, players will be able to experience a whole new way to play their trombone, setting it apart from the regular Steam version on PC. While some will prefer to enjoy Trombone Champ through their PC, fans looking for a more on-the-go experience should install Trombone Champ on their Steam Deck.