Is Valorant Night Market Arriving in April 2022?

Valorant / Courtesy of Riot Games / Image: @PlayVALORANT

Players are wondering whether Valorant's night market is making a reappearance in 2022.

The Night Market is a recurring event where players can get weapon skins at a cheaper cost than they usually would. This occurs roughly every two months and usually lasts for 12 days. Even though it was not popular during its initial release, it is now a widely enjoyed addition to the game.

FPS games typically engage with their community by providing them with the opportunity to customize their skins. Valorant is no exception to this norm. By giving players access to an event like the Night Market, it allows them to seek out those skins they've had their eyes on and implement them into their game. You may be wondering, when is the Night Market coming back to Valorant? We have an answer for you.

Here's the information we have so far regarding the next Night Market appearance.

Valorant Night Market Reappearance April 2022

Twitter user ValorLeaks has announced that the Night Market will begin on April 7 and end on April 20. Even though it has not yet been confirmed by Riot Games, this user is known for their leaked accurate information.

Since the Night Market usually appears every two months, it is very likely that it will come back this month. It is expected that Valorant will announce the reappearance of the Night Market soon, potentially on Twitter or on their website.

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