Is Valorant Night Market Arriving in March 2022?

Courtesy of Riot Games / Image: @PlayVALORANT

Wondering if Valorant's Night Market will arrive in March 2022? Here's everything you need to know.

As any gamer knows, skins have become one of the most widely utilized strategies by game developers to allow players to customize weapons and characters. Valorant skins in particular are some of the most intricate and gorgeous skins to ever hit FPS games.

The Valorant Night Market is a great way for players to obtain weapon skins at a discounted rate, much to players' joy. However, the Night Market is always a secret when it comes to when it will be available, as Riot Games likes to surprise players.

The latest Night Market was open for 12 days, starting Feb. 10, 2022 as part of the Lunar New Year. In the past, the Night Market popped up every two months or so and lasted 12 days. While initially met with criticism in its first iteration, the Night Market has become a highly anticipated event for Valorant players.

Is Valorant Night Market Arriving in March 2022?

While it is unlikely that players will see a Night Market in March 2022, not all hope is lost. While this is pure speculation, perhaps Valorant will open the Night Market as part of a St. Patrick's Day celebration. However, as previously mentioned, Riot Games typically only releases the Night Market every two months. A more safe assumption would be that the Night Market won't return until April 2022.

For those wanting the most up-to-date news regarding Valorant and the Night Market, stay tuned to DBLTAP's coverage and the Valorant Twitter.