Is Valorant on Xbox Game Pass?


Valorant is a popular FPS game, as it is completely free to play and was released by popular developer Riot Games. Valorant is currently only available to play on PC, but this may change because Riot is looking to release the game on other platforms.

For new players, the only way to unlock new agents for free is to grind experience points via daily and weekly missions and acquire each agent after completing all of their contracts. Doing this will take a long time due to the number of agents that have been added to the game.

Although Valorant is not released on multiple platforms, players are wondering if Valorant will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Valorant on Xbox Game Pass?

Valorant is currently available on Xbox Game Pass, as Riot Games did a collaboration with Xbox a few months ago to make it happen. In order to gain the rewards and benefits of Valorant via the Xbox Game Pass, players will have to connect their Xbox and Riot accounts. Additionally, players will have to purchase the Xbox Game Pass, which is a monthly subscription.

This would mean that players are paying money to play a free to play game, but the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass expand beyond just Valorant.

The benefits gained in Valorant for purchasing the Xbox Game Pass include:

  • Access to all current agents
  • Immediate access to any new agent that is released
  • 20% experience boost given to Battlepass, Event Pass, and active agent contract progress