Is Verdansk Coming Back After Warzone's 2-Year Anniversary?

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

With the ever changing landscape of Warzone maps, weapons, and events, there has to be a real hit for people to feel nostalgic for a map. Yet that's the feeling people get when talking about the original Warzone maps, Verdansk.

One of the most beloved maps of all time, the decrepit, Kastovian city was a huge hit with players, and left players shocked and upset with its removal. Being replaced with the lukewarm Caldera, fans have been annoyed with its abrupt exit from the game, and many have clamored for a return. It would have seemed that when Warzone's anniversary came through this past Thursday, it would have been an easy win.

Is Verdansk Coming Back After Warzone's 2-Year Anniversary?

With Warzone's anniversary having passed without even a mention of the beloved map, many fans have questioned the developer. Raven Software stirred up a bit of controversy with no sort of celebration on the games birthday aside from a tweet, let alone the return of their favorite map. You would think that at the very least they could recycle a few of their old, nostalgia-riddled maps, and and score a few points without having to do much.

Besides the odd anniversary situation, there's also the fact of the current replacement, Caldera, has proven itself to be controversial, with many fans describing it as boring, and lacking the depth of Verdansk. You'd think that Raven would be willing to send out their old map, and test out whether allowing it to return would be a good move or not.

Ultimately, Verdansk's return, even temporarily, seems to be out of our hands at the moment. It's possible that the map could work its way back into Warzone after a while but many have argued that Verdansk should be cut out of the game permanently, and give Raven the freedom to create new, exciting maps rather than sticking to the past.

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