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Is Warzone on Steam?

PC players have been wondering if Warzone is on steam.
PC players have been wondering if Warzone is on steam. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Players have been wondering if Warzone is currently available on Steam. With the video game digital distribution service boasting one of the biggest collections in the game, it would only be logical to assume that this is the case.

Steam, which has been around since 2003, is renowned for its extensive video game library, massive sales, and active community. The convenience it provides makes it the go-to place for PC gamers around the world looking to purchase or discover new titles.

Is Warzone on Steam?

Players can acquire Warzone via the app for PC or through the PlayStation and Xbox stores for console, but they will not be able to find it on Steam. They should note that if they search for Warzone on the platform, they will encounter another game, WarZone, which was developed by WeS Cooperation. Coincidentally, this 2019 title is a multiplayer FPS game like Call of Duty's Warzone but does not feature a battle royale mode.

Newcomers to Warzone who wish to play the game on PC and enjoy the latest season can currently download the game using Blizzard's app. The game is free and offers countless hours of gameplay.

Players can also add Warzone to their Steam libraries, but keep in mind that the game still must be purchased and ran through