Is Will Smith Coming to Fortnite: Leaked Mike Lowrey Skin

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

A new leak from known data-miner, Hypex, has revealed a possible Will Smith skin coming to Fortnite.

Hypex, along with the help of collaborator @Not0fficer, managed to dig up data during Fortnite's downtime yesterday. The data revealed a new skin based on actor Will Smith in what seems to be themed around his 1995 Bad Boys character. The addition of a Mike Lowrey skin isn't too out of place; the actor has played a variety of iconic characters over the years, many of whom would suit an appearance in the Fortnite metaverse. What is surprising, however, is the inclusion of a skin based on a film released 25 years ago which, considering the primary demographic of Fornite's player base, is a bold move.

That being said, the release of more unconventional skins is a great addition to Fortnite and serves to make the battlefield that little bit more unique.

Here's what the Mike Lowrey skin is going to look like:

Is Will Smith Coming to Fortnite?

While the skin hasn't been officially listed yet, we can assume that the Mike Lowrey skin will likely cost around 1,500 V-Bucks. No confirmed pricing has been given, but it will likely cost the same as previous skin releases.

With this information coming from a leak there's no information on a planned release date for the skin. Players may have a bit of a wait before they start seeing Mike Lowrey traversing the Battle Royale map.