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Is Wimpod Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Photo by Niantic Labs

Wimpod, the adorably skittish Bug and Water-type Pokemon, is being added to the Pokemon GO roster. This turn-tail Pokemon is known for running away as soon as it can, but evolves into quite the intimidating beast. Will Wimpod fans be able to catch a Shiny Wimpod in the wild?

Is Wimpod Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Sadly, Shiny Wimpod is not currently available in Pokemon GO. It usually takes some time for the Shiny version of a Pokemon to be added to Pokemon GO, so Wimpod fans will just have to be patient until it is added to the game.

Wimpod is being added to Pokemon GO during a crossover event between Pokemon GO and the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

The Pokemon TCG will feature Pokemon GO-themed cards, and the Pokemon featured in these cards will appear more frequently in the wild for the duration of the event. Some of these Pokemon include: Eevee, Slowpoke, Chansey, Dragonite, and more.

Read more about the crossover event on the Pokemon GO website.