Is Xerneas Good in Pokemon GO?

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Is Xerneas good in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO's Luminous Legends X activities has made Xerneas the star of the event. Fans wonder, however, if this Fairy-type Pokemon is worth catching.

Is Xerneas Good in Pokemon GO?

Players can catch Xerneas during the Luminous Legends X event during a five-star raid. However, while Xerneas might be a Legendary Pokemon, it is also a pure Fairy-type Pokemon and can be only utilized during certain battles.

Xerneas's quick attacks include moves such as Zen Headbutt and Tackle. Zen Headbutt is a Psychic-type move, while Tackle is a Normal-type move. It is recommended to use Zen Headbutt to increase the effectiveness of counterattacks against Fighting- and Poison-type Pokemon.

When trying to increase damage during attacks, it is best to use Giga Impact, which is a Normal-type move. It will inflict the most damage on Pokemon as a charge attack. For an alternate high attack move, players can use Moon Blast, which is a Fairy-type move. When battling against Steel-type Pokemon, players can use Close Combat to inflict the most damage.

Xerneas is vulnerable to Poison- and Steel-type Pokemon, but it's not recommended to use Bug-, Dragon-, Dark-, and Fighting-type Pokemon against it. If you're battling against a Dragon-type Pokemon, Xerneas might be the best asset on your team.

If you use Xerneas during a PvP, you will notice that this Fairy-type Pokemon has 3,781 CP, 209 points for attack, 158 for defense, and 206 for stamina. When battling against Team Rocket or utilizing it during a raid battle, Xerneas has 250 points for attack, 185 for defense, and 246 for stamina. Compared to other Legendary Pokemon in the game, Xerneas's stats are lackluster.

The Luminous Legends X event ends on May 17. Although Xerneas might not have the best move sets and stats, players can still utilize this Pokemon during raid battles.