Isle of Bigsnax: Everything You Need to Know

Courtesy of Young Horses
Courtesy of Young Horses /

The indie darling Bugsnax is getting a new piece of DLC for the first time in more than a year, with their upcoming free DLC pack, Isle of Bigsnax.

Taking place in flashbacks, the DLC is set on a brand new island, with much larger Bugsnax called Bigsnax roaming everywhere. It follows several older characters, with the story expanding upon their relationship and bonds while roaming the island, searching for new Bugsnax.

Isle of Bigsnax: Everything You Need to Know

Bugsnax was praised at launch for its cute art style, and relaxing gameplay, earning it rave reviews and a dedicated fanbase. It seems that Young Horses, the studio behind the game, is planning on expanding what made the game so great in the first place.

While the gameplay of Isle of Bigsnax is similar in theme to the original games there are a few new tools to Bigsnax's belt. The most obvious feature is the new massive Bigsnax creatures, that tower over the player. This is a far cry from the previous games rather tiny creatures, and adds depth to the puzzles, with the creature's size being used to traverse obstacles, and even influence the story to an extent.

You can give them hats now! 10/10 DBLTAP reccomends / Young Horses

There are also exists some light base building elements that provide you with some cool rewards to flesh out your new hut. You can unlock couches, sofas and chairs by completing challenges given to you by the mayor.

Finally, and most importantly, you'll have the options to outfit the captured Bugsnax with new hats, collected by capturing rare Bugsnax around the island, after which you'll be able to customize any new Bugsnax to your heart's content. Isle of Bigsnax launches on April 28 to all current Xbox and Playstation platforms, as well as on the Switch store, and Steam.

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