Isle of Bigsnax Release Date

Courtesy of Young Horses
Courtesy of Young Horses /

The cute and charming Bugsnax is finally getting a brand new piece of free DLC. It will expand upon the elements from Bugsnax and will launch on April 28.

Isle of Bigsnax Release Date

The hit game Bugsnax was released November 2020, where it received a lot of positive reviews, with praise for its art style, gameplay, and charm. Players play as an explorer traveling around an island searching for Bugsnax, creatures with the fused form of animals and snacks.

The fun, cartoony nature lent itself to developing a cult status, due to the pandemic relaxing games like this, Pokemon GO and Animal Crossing, a rise in popularity.

Many fans of the series have eagerly awaited the games’ return, and as such should look forward to the upcoming free DLC Isle of Bigsnax, The game will feature a plethora of new content. Such features include a new island to explore, and larger, trickier bugs to capture and collect. In addition, there's more story elements to the game, with the main storyline behind the DLC being the character hearing stories about the explorers before them. 

The new DLC is set to release on April 28, in addition to adding the game to all current Xbox platforms, PlayStation, Steam, and the Nintendo eShop.