J Balvin Fortnite Skin Leaked

Photo by Epic Games

The J Balvin Fortnite skin has recently been leaked. Known Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed a series of skin leaks that include the addition of a J Balvin Fortnite skin.

With help from @Not0fficer, HYPEX managed to reveal the new skin in a series of tweets. Commonly by data-mining, HYPEX has successfully leaked previous information on Fortnite. The J Balvin skin comes alongside other prominent celebrities such as Will Smith and even Rick & Morty.

J Balvin Fortnite Skin Leaked

While exciting to anticipate, the J Balvin Fortnite skin is still unconfirmed. Since the information was leaked recently, there is no known information on when we can expect to be able to purchase the new skin.

Some players may have been able to see this coming, since Fortnite has previously collaborated with J Balvin. Last year, Fortnite hosted a Halloween event starring J Balvin called the Afterlife Party. The success of this event may have inspired Epic Games to create the leaked J Balvin skin.