JackFrags Highlights "Most Broken Thing” in Warzone 2, and It's Not a Weapon


JackFrags has revealed the "most broken thing" players should be using in Warzone 2.

Vehicles in a battle royale have always felt a bit like cheating. Driving full speed in a metal truck, bulldozing through any enemy caught in your path. In the original Warzone, Cargo Trucks would make a frequent appearance in the final circles, turning matches into full-blown demolition derbys.

Thankfully, Warzone 2 made some much-needed changes to vehicles by levelling out the playing field. Vehicles now need to refuel at gas stations, and opposing players can also pick up Drill Charges to render vehicles effectively useless. While vehicles are no longer as troublesome as they once were, YouTubers JackFrags and WillfromWork have identified Warzone 2's newest truck as being a force to be reckoned with.

JackFrags Says Warzone 2 LTV is "Broken"

In a recent video titled "This is the most broken thing in Warzone 2...", JackFrags and WillfromWork put Warzone 2's new LTV to the test. This new armored truck is a few notches above the rest, owing to its fast speeds and larger gas tank, making it run for almost four minutes before needing to refuel.

With WillfromWork at the wheel, JackFrags was able to pick off enemies from the roof. “I think we found our favorite thing to do. We made a tank." This heavily armored vehicle proved almost too much for opponents to handle.

JackFrags dubbed it “the best thing in the game.”