Jayce and Galio changes highlighted Tuesday's Public Beta Environment update and can expect to go live in League of Legends Patch 9.14. These changes are mostly champion balance changes with a little bit of chromas for the Demacia Vice skins coming out soon.

The first of the balance changes on the list is for Blitzcrank. A lot of his recent PBE changes have been reverted to their previous state. This includes almost every change to his ability, Overdrive (W). The changes to Blitzcrank's Static Field (R) have also been reverted to their previous states and now no longer removes movement impairing effects.

Galio also received some changes to his kit this time around. His passive no longer reduces cooldown when he hits a champion with an ability. But, on the flip side, all the numbers factoring into the damage of the passive were buffed. Galio's Wind of War (Q) had its cooldown increased alongside a lower cost and more damage. Galio's Shield of Durand (W) has its cooldown lowered and self slow lowered, but you can no longer flash while taunting as a part of the ability. Galio's Justice Punch (E) also got its damage scaling increased.

Jayce had one change to his Shock Blast (Q). The damage was nerfed in the early game while scaling a lot better into the late game.

Malphite is also receiving a list of changes on the PBE this time. Seismic Shard (Q) has its movement speed steal lowered a good deal. Malphite's Thunderclap (W) has its base damage reduced while the damage scaling on armor is increased. The last change to Malphite is that Ground Slam (E) got its mana cost changes reverted back up to its original state.

All of Wukong's changes got taken off of the PBE and are likely not to be back.

Other than champion updates, both Demacia Vice Lucian and Garen got sets of chromas.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games