Jeff Kaplan posted on a Overwatch forum Thursday about the statistics for the Overwatch Workshop so far.

Although it doesn't show the numbers for the Overwatch Workshop while it was on the PTR, you can see the most played modes on the live servers.

Depending on if you actually play Overwatch Workshop, it may not surprise you to learn that Uno is the most played Overwatch Workshop in North America.

Blizzard's Global Insight group shared some thoughts: "In NA, someone has managed to recreate UNO, the card game. Surprisingly, it has the most hours played out of any link. This may be a result of consolidation; there is only 1 version of UNO floating around, but hundreds of accuracy trainer variations.

Workshop has been extremely well received in KR; the most popular game mode in KR has a total of 5667 hours played so far, more than 4x the top link in NA. It is called “High Blood Pressure Marathon” (혈압마라톤) which is a mode with no cooldowns, infinite ultimates, and some other crazy things mixed in."

Photo courtesy of Blizzard