Jeff Kaplan Says Overwatch's Content for Summer Will Be Changed

While being interviewed by YouTuber Stylosa, Jeff Kaplan teased that this summer’s content calendar would not follow previous years.

Blizzard has kept a rather strict calendar schedule for Overwatch with the same events repeating each year. Seems like that might change for this summer.

Jeff Kaplan said Blizzard has some different plans for summer, “It’s going to be a very different summer. Our players like to look back at the calendar and say ‘this is what always happens, and this is when I expect things’. There’s going to be some mix-up this summer in when things land.”

There are two additions every summer, a hero reveal in Late June, early July and the Summer Games in-game event. It's not known whether that means we'll see a brand new event instead of the summer games or just a scheduling change. It's more likely we'll see a bit of both. We could see a brand new event to spice up the summer feel and a different date for the hero introduction.

Photo courtesy of Unit Lost