JGOD Makes the Case for Newly Available Warzone AR

Vargo-S / Image Courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, Activision

Since the debut of Warzone's Season 4 Reloaded patch last week, gamers have a lot more firepower to choose from. During a Livestream session Monday, popular Warzone streamer and YouTuber JGOD spent time highlighting some of his favorite long-range weapons.

One of his favorites is an unlikely selection in more ways than one.

As JGOD demonstrates in his clip, the Vargo, a holdover from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War performs well at distances closer than ~100m. Depending on the optic attachment, the visibility could be better. At full auto, the Vargo appears stable and it is clearly able to deliver a tight shot pattern, even at that long distance.

As JGOD points out in his video, the disparity among popular guns is closing. In other words, since the Reloaded update, players are finding fewer and fewer advantages in using certain weapons. In this respect, the update appears to have leveled the playing field, by offering Warzone players a broader pool of potential loadouts.

Image Courtesy of Warzone Ranked Meta

As you may have noticed from the data above, the Vargo is not even on the list of most popular weapons. According to data collected by Warzone Meta, about 0.37% of players are selecting the Vargo as their primary loadout. That is roughly akin to the number of players (0.31%) using the Riot Shield as their primary. Wow. No wonder JGOD makes the big bucks.