JGOD Reveals Warzone Setting That Improves Your Aim

Try altering this setting in Warzone to improve your aim.
Try altering this setting in Warzone to improve your aim. / Activision

A steady aim is crucial for winning CoD: Warzone matches, especially with all of the various weapons and recoil rates on them. If your aim isn't on point, the odds are you will lose any gunfight against someone who's is.

Luckily for those who struggle with their aim, JGOD has showed off a new setting to alter in Warzone that can help make aiming a bit easier.

In the Controller section of the game’s settings, you can scroll down to "Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom," turn it on and then change your ADS Sensitivity multiplier based on which zoom scope you’re using on your weapon.

To help understand how this setting affects your choice of weapon, JGOD has also created a graph that breaks down how aiming-down-sights works, which should help you pick the best one. He has provided many useful tips and tricks for CoD players to boost their experience, so it's safe to say that altering this setting should help you.

By changing this setting, you can set a specific sensitivity for each scope. If you play on a high base sensitivity, you can slow it down when you use certain weapons that have a high zoom scope.

You can try this setting adjustment yourself in your next Warzone match and see if it helps your aim.