JGOD Says Warzone 2 “Failed” But Can "Still be Saved"

JGOD, via YouTube

Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD has claimed that Warzone 2 has "failed" but explains why is can "still be saved."

Not everyone has been on board with the current state of Warzone 2. Some players have felt that certain missing aspects should have been included at launch, such as Resurgence and all sizes of Squads in Playlists.

Now into its second season, Warzone 2 has seen a slight injection of enthusiasm from its latest content, but perhaps not enough to completely change fan approval. Even experts like JGOD have chimed in with thoughts about Warzone 2's offerings:

“Realistically, I don’t think the game will be in a position where it is super fun and amazing daily for long periods of time, probably until Season 4 at the latest, or possibly season 3, with the introduction of Ranked Play and some of the other changes” he said in a recent video.

JGOD then drew comparisons to the success of other Battle Royales, like Apex Legends and Fortnite. The former recently hit its all-time player count peak following the launch of Season 16.

JGOD Says Warzone 2 “Failed” But Can "Still be Saved"

The YouTuber revealed that he jumps onto Warzone 2 for roughly 45 minutes before he's had his fill and moves onto a different game. "Obviously I'm complaining, but it's because I care about the game and I want it to be played by a lot of people," JGOD said.

“When you play Warzone 2, it does not play, feel, or function in any way recognizable as a Call of Duty. It feels like a battle royale game that happens to be a Call of Duty game.”

JGOD started with listing out the pros of Warzone 2, such as its maps, proximity chat, buy station weapons, graphics, console FOV, and Gulag. But the cons were hard to ignore: he highlighted a lack of updates and a stale meta as reasons for waning enthusiasm. He also called for more frequent updates to weapons, "if something's broken, nerf it. If something's garbage, buff it. And just continually do that."

He highlighted that the biggest element damaging Warzone 2 right now is lack of speed and slower gameplay in matches, pointing to decreased walking, sprinting, and zone speed. “I think that is the critical portion. That alone would solve about 90% of the issues because that is what you experience second to second.”

It's clear that Warzone 2 still has some problematic issues, and ones that seem easy to fix from an outside perspective. JGOD, however, remains hopeful that we'll start seeing some much needed adjustments in Season 3 or 4.