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JGOD Shows Off Best LAPA SMG Setup in Warzone

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

Most Call of Duty: Warzone player wants to make sure that they are on top of the meta in order to get the most wins they can. As Warzone Season Six gets rolling, some guns are beginning to change tiers due to changes or new additions. This season is no different, with the LAPA SMG now getting attention as a top-tier weapon. Here is JGOD's best setup for the LAPA SMG in Warzone Season Six.

JGOD Shows Off Best LAPA SMG Setup in Warzone

1. Barrel- 7.9" Rifled

+: Damage, Fire Rate
-: Effective Damage Range, Bullet Velocity

2. Suppressor- Agency Suppressor

+: Sound Suppression, Vertical Recoil Control, Bullet Velocity, Effective Damage Range
-: ADS Speed, Aim Walking Steadiness, Aiming Stability

3. Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight

+: Movement Speed, Aim Walking Movement Speed
-: Flashlight Visible to Enemies, Aiming Stability

4. Stock- SAS Combat Stock

+: Firing Movement Speed, Aim Walking Movement Speed, ADS Firing Move Speed
-: Hip Fire Accuracy

5. Stanag 50 Rnd

+: Ammo Capacity
-: ADS Time, Reload Quickness

6. Optic: Microflex LED

While some builds in the weaponsmith focus on a specific category like recoil or damage at a distance, this build does a little bit of everything. Damage, range, mobility, and fire rate are all effected by these attachments. Despite an increase at range, this is still a close-quarters weapon, and should not be used at mid-to-long-range.

Out of all the attachments, the SAS Combat Stock might be the most crucial. When using a close-quartered weapon, mobility is key as you move between cover and take out enemies. Make sure to have this on your LAPA.