Call of Duty

JGOD Shows Off 'Bugged' QBZ Loadout

QBZ-83 being used in-game
QBZ-83 being used in-game / Activision and Raven Software

Famous Warzone YouTuber JGOD went to Twitter showing off a bugged yet broken QBZ loadout, making the Cold War AR pretty nutty.

JGOD Shows Off Broken QBZ Loadout

JGOD is often testing out new weapons to stay ahead of the meta, finding potential weapon and attachment combinations that can outpace the current strongest meta picks. The Warzone influencer's no recoil RPD build made a splash, and it seems he is back with new cheese.

As he mentions in the above Tweet, if you take the QBZ-83 with the meta build of Last Muzzle, Last Barrel, 3x scope, and Recoil Grip, the Salvo 60 Round Fast Mag ever so slightly outperforms the Stanag 60 Round Drum in ADS and reload time.

Reload time and ADS should not change based on which magazine is attached, making JGOD and many other realize this is a bug on the game's end.

Raven has not come out and said anything on the gun, so test out the brokenness of this QBZ build, while you still can.