JGOD Shows Off MW SMG With One of the Best TTKs in Warzone

Photo courtesy of Activision

In his latest video going over what guns are meta in Call of Duty: Warzone, JGOD highlighted one gun in particular that excels in quickly deleting any and all enemies. Despite not being the best gun in the meta, according to JGOD, it's still an incredibly fun and powerful weapon.

The AUG SMG BR is a devastating SMG that has one of the fastest TTKs, time to kill, in all of Warzone. This is especially true in close quarters as opposed to long-range.

In his video, JGOD recommends playing the AUG with a Monolithic Suppressor, Tac Laser, G.I. Mini Reflex, Stippled Grip Tape and 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drum. Though if those attachments don't suit you, he recommends several others in his video.

The worst aspect of the AUG SMG BR is its low mobility. This makes it so that even if you're quickly taking care of enemies when they get in your range, you'll have a harder time getting that good position in the first place.

Instead of the AUG SMG BR, JGOD recommends both the Macro Move and the KD Blixen as the top guns in the meta currently. Both of these guns lack some of the TTK that the AUG has, but overall, they're more well-rounded and better in a large number of scenarios.