Jirachi Pokemon GO was found by data miners in files for 0.145.0 update.

In should be noted that nothing has been confirmed by Niantic Labs, so take this information with caution. Still, it seems likely Jirachi could be the next Research Task Pokemon that's rewarded after seven days of completed tasks.

Jirachi Pokemon GO: Data Miners Find Jirachi in Files

The summer is Pokemon Go biggest content season of the year as the community gets multiple Pokemon events around the globe, community days, Pokemon Raid events and much more!

That even includes sleeping Snorlaxs. These sleeping Snorlaxes will stick around until June 3, according to Pokémon Go developer Niantic. Unfortunately for shiny hunters, no players have yet reported shiny Snorlaxes, and Niantic hasn't made a statement as to their availability, indicating no bonus is in effect.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo