Joey Bosa Picks His Favorite Call of Duty Title of All Time

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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Los Angeles Chargers star defensive end Joey Bosa sat down with Liam McKeone of The Big Lead (a sister publication of DBLTAP under Minute Media), as part of a celebration event surrounding Call of Duty Mobile.

Bosa opened up about his thoughts on the new mobile title, his favorite Call of Duty title, the comparison between battle royale and traditional CoD game types and more.

Here's what Bosa had to say about the franchise.

Liam McKeone: What are your initial impressions of Call of Duty: Mobile now that it's been out for a few weeks?

Joey Bosa: I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t feel like you’re playing on mobile at all. It’s really smooth and feels like a regular video game, but you’re playing on your phone. I've been playing Call of Duty for a long time, all the way back to Call of Duty 4, so it's a lot of fun being able to play on my phone. It’s going to be great being on the road with all your teammates and not having to bring your Xbox or PC or whatever and still be able to play together.

LM: They introduced some new features for the mobile version of the game. Have any stood out to you so far?

JB: One thing that’s really nice is that they allow you to customize the size of the controls. Obviously, I have bigger hands than most, so that’s really good for me.

LM: Do you play Call of Duty with your teammates a lot?

JB: Not really. I actually just made the switch to PC, but there’s no cross-platform yet for Call of Duty. So it’s hard for us to play together, but like I said, the mobile version will make that a lot easier.

LM: The Battle Royale mode has become very popular in shooter games like Call of Duty over the last few years, and is included in Call of Duty: Mobile. Do you like Battle Royale, or do you stick with the more classic game types?

JB: I think it’s really good to switch it up. Battle Royale is a lot of fun and it keeps things fresh. I still like the regular modes but the option to play Battle Royale is good.

LM: What's your all-time favorite Call of Duty game?

JB: Call of Duty 4 has to be the answer. I logged a lot of hours on that game when it first came out. But I’m just a big fan in general. Call of Duty is always a must-buy for me every year, and I've bought every game since 4, but COD 4 was my first one, so that’s my favorite.

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