Jotunn Doomfist Released in Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Jotunn Doomfist is one of four new Winter Wonderland skins
Jotunn Doomfist is one of four new Winter Wonderland skins / Blizzard

Jotunn Doomfist is one of four new skins Blizzard has released to celebrate Winter Wonderland 2019-2020. The skin reimagines Doomfist as an icy viking warrior, covered in Nordic runes and sporting glowing blue eyes.

Jotunn Doomfist screenshot
Jotunn Doomfist screenshot / Blizzard

Jotunn Doomfist Skin

Jotunn Doomfist's most prominent feature is his blue skin, common in depictions of Norse gods. He wears a viking helmet with tusks on either side, a pure white beard, a loincloth, and sandals. His rocket fist appears to be made of magic ice. All in all, it's not a very cold weather-appropriate outfit.

Jotunn Doomfist Price

As an event-based Legendary skin, Jotunn Doomfist currently costs 3,000 Overwatch coins to purchase individually. Players can also pick up the skin by opening loot boxes throughout the event.

Jotunn Doomfist Release Date

Jotunn Doomfist went live alongside Winter Wonderland 2019-2020 on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

How to Get Jotunn Doomfist

Jotunn Doomfist can be purchased directly with coins or opened in Winter Wonderland loot boxes. Those loot boxes will be available until Jan. 2, but will then disappear until the event returns.