Judge Rejects Cheat Maker's Request to Dismiss Bungie Lawsuit

Bungie's lawsuit against cheat maker AimJunkies continues.
Bungie's lawsuit against cheat maker AimJunkies continues. / Courtesy of Bungie

A judge has rejected cheat maker AimJunkies' request to dismiss a lawsuit Bungie filed against it, Axios' Stephen Totilo reports.

Bungie has repeatedly used legal intervention in its efforts to stamp out cheating in Destiny, and AimJunkies has found itself on the receiving end of those efforts. Bungie filed a copyright infringement suit against AimJunkies in April. A court initially dismissed Bungie's suit for failing to show AimJunkies' cheats constitued copyright infringement, but the studio filed an amended complaint.

Earlier in August, AimJunkies tried to retaliate by issuing several subpoenas against Bungie. It argued a Bungie employee had violated the cheat software's terms of service by purchasing it and giving it to the studio. It also said it intended to "prosecute individuals or companies who violated our copyrights and terms of service to the fullest extent of the law."

A trial in the case is expected to take place in June 2023.

Bungie previously won a $13.5 million lawsuit against cheat manufacturer Elite Boss Tech, and has filed a $7.7 million suit against a YouTuber who it believes issued false DMCA takedown notices to other Destiny content creators.