Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack FIFA 21: What is in it?

Photo by EA Sports

Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs in FIFA 21 are some of the most interesting packs in Ultimate Team.

Opening packs, whether on a free-to-play or pay-to-win account, is one of the best parts about Ultimate Team. There's no better feeling in FUT than packing a high rated player or someone you desperately needed for your squad. Unfortunately, EA Sports is making it harder in FIFA 21 to make coins through packs in the Squad Building Challenges section.

League SBCs is traditionally one of the most profitable ways of making coins in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports has made it more difficult in FIFA 21 with these Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs.

Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack FIFA 21: What is in it?

Jumbo Premium Gold Players packs are featured in League SBC rewards instead of players this year.

These packs are also available for players in FUT Champions. Think of these packs as pseudo Rare Players Packs, but potentially worse in value. Each pack contains 24 gold players, seven of which are rare. The pack contains the same amount of players as a 100K pack, but it has five less rare players than a 50K pack.

These packs are just terrible value for coins and not on par with the Rare Players Pack. Fans are unhappy EA Sports went in this direction for League SBCs and hope it is rectified in the future.