Jump Start Research Pokemon GO: How to Complete

Jump Start Research Pokemon Go
Jump Start Research Pokemon Go / Image courtesy of Niantic Labs

Jump Start Research Pokemon GO was introduced last year to help new players get a go on the game. As long as you put the research task in your list before Sept. 2, 2019, you can still complete the task.

The jump start will run you through all the game's features and set you up with some useful items.

Here's the lowdown on the task.

Jump Start Research Pokemon GO: How to Complete

The first objective is to go to your 'friends' tab and add someone else using their trainer code. Then you must catch three Pokemon with Weather boost, which is a feature that changes Pokemon Go's world depending on the weather around you. Then finally, you have to hatch an egg.

After that, earn a candy by walking with your buddy, take a snapshot of a Dratini after catching the Pokemon and clicking on the camera icon at the top of the screen. Then evolve the Dratini.

Next power up a Pokemon 10 times, battle another Trainer in the Great League and battle in a Raid. Following that, catch five different species of Pokemon, catch a Legendary from either a Research Breakthrough or Raid and hatch three Eggs

The final two objectives are to take a snapshot of Eevee, send five gifts to friends and trade three Pokemon. Then go ahead and make a new friend, win a level three or higher Raid and evolve a Dragonair.

After completing the aforementioned steps, you will have completed the Jump Start Research Task.