Junior Messias FIFA 22: How to Complete the Winter Wildcard Objective

Atletico Madrid v AC Milan: Group B - UEFA Champions League
Atletico Madrid v AC Milan: Group B - UEFA Champions League / David Lidstrom/GettyImages

As part of the Winter Wildcard Promotion in FIFA 22, EA SPORTS has released a special Junior Messias Winter Wildcard item into the objectives tab of Ultimate Team. The Brazilian is a CAM for Serie A club AC Milan and is 86 Rated.

Here's how to complete the Junior Messias Winter Wildcard objective in FIFA 22.

Junior Messias FIFA 22: How to Complete the Winter Wildcard Objective

You can earn Messias from completing the following objectives in the Live FUT Friendly: Friendly Frost:

  • Score 15 goals using Brazilians
  • Assist three goals with CAMS
  • Score using Serie A players in 10 seperate matches
  • Win five matches

In the Live FUT Friendly: Friendly Frost, you will be playing on max chemistry, so positioning and chemistry of players doesn't matter. You are allowed maximum one loan players, but the rest of the squad is free for your choosing from your club, no matter the league.

Junior Messias FIFA 22: Winter Wildcard Stats

According to EA SPORTS, Messias has three-star skill moves and weak foot, with medium/medium work rates and the Leadership, Speed Dribbler and Team Player Traits.

Messias has been upgraded to the following face stats:

  • Pace: 88
  • Shooting: 81
  • Passing: 84
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Defending: 41
  • Physical: 74

This card isn't the best option for Brazilian or Serie A CAMS for a few reasons. For starters, his three-star weak foot and skills won't help you too much on the playmaking front. There are many tradeable cards on the market that are similar or better than this one for cheaper, such as the FUT Versus Pereyra or a normal Dybala. While he is free to play for, he is missing some quality stats.

88 pace is solid, but 74 composure and 83 reactions could be improved. Messias' shooting is also okay but not the best. His passing is okay as well, but there are many players with better vision, short and long passing in the game. As an attacker, medium/medium work rates aren't the best either. The main problem with this card is that he is good in a few aspects of the game, but doesn't excel much in one specific stat, and applying any chemistry style will mean that one facet of his game loses out.

Fortunately, the grind to unlock Messias won't be hard at all and it may be fun because it is in Max Chemistry, meaning you can try out new players you wouldn't normally try without the sacrifice of chemistry. You'll also earn a Wildcard swap token for getting Messias. Playing for the card may be a bit more fun than actually playing with this card.

Junior Messias FIFA 22: How Long is the Objective Available?

Messias' objective is available for the next five days, until Thursday, Dec. 23.