Junkfood Junkrat Skin Revealed for Overwatch Anniversary 2021

The new Junkfood Junkrat Overwatch skin.
The new Junkfood Junkrat Overwatch skin. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch's Junkfood Junkrat skin was revealed Tuesday as part of the game's fifth anniversary celebration, and it is truly horrifying.

Junkfood Junkrat Skin Revealed

The skin transforms Junkrat into a monstrosity straight out of Candyland. His hair is pink cotton candy topped with ice cream and a golden crown. The rest of his outfit keeps the regal candy vibe alive, with puffy pink and gold shoulders and a giant pink Ring Pop-style ring on his human hand. His RIP-Tire has also been replaced by a giant lifesaver with candy corn spikes poking out of it.

The new skin is one of five Legendary skins to be released during the event. The others include Black Cat Sombra, Funky Baptiste, Venus Moira and Gladiator Doomfist. As is typical of Anniversary skins, they have little in common thematically.

Players have until the event ends June 8 to unlock the new skins before they and the Overwatch Anniversary event leave live servers.