Junkrat clown skin has finally arrived! Well, it's been revealed and will be purchasable on April 16.

Junkrat might be the closest Overwatch character to a Joker crossover since he loves chaos and blowing things up.

Junkrat Clown Skin

The Junkrat skin will be one of many for the Overwatch Archives event Storm Rising. This is the second skin revealed for the event as Talon Baptiste was shown earlier in the week. This isn't much of a surprise as the event was only revealed on Monday. Clown Junkrat will be an epic skin.

The event seems to take place some time after the King’s Row mission. Reinhardt recently had something happen to him so he is sidelined. The mission will have Tracer leading with Mercy, Genji, and Winston as support. It looks like you will be hunting down Doomfist or his shell company in Havana, Cuba.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard