JW Moved to FNATIC's Inactive Roster

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In a tweet Tuesday morning, esports organization FNATIC announced that Counter Strike: Global Offensive legend Jesper "JW" Wecksell was moved to its inactive roster. With major changes across the CS:GO pro scene, the relegation came to the surprise and disappointment of many fans. The decision effectively signals the end of JW's tenure with FNATIC, after seven years and three major wins with the European organization.

JW Moved to FNATIC's Inactive Roster

In a statement released through a FNATIC blog post, JW addressed the decision, saying, "It’s a strange, yet exciting feeling, after 2,709 days /or/ 1,658 official maps played under the same club to wake up and not knowing what’s next." He continued, "Now it’s time to take some time to reflect upon things, what I could possibly have done better or different, and bring that with me to whatever is next in life, be it CS, Valorant, or esports in general. Thank you for everything thus far and stay tuned for my next step.”

FNATIC's CS:GO coach Andreas Samuelsson praised JW, stating, "He has achieved what most of us can’t even dream of with 3 Major trophies and over 20 tournament trophies; placing him among the absolute best in the history of CSGO." Samuelsson addressed the new direction for the team, and how JW seemed to no longer fit into the team's future.

Where JW ends up will be heavily watched, especially with the recent exodus of CS:GO pros to Valorant. Nathan "NBK" Schmitt announced his decision to move to Valorant, as well as esports powerhouse Natus Vincere forming its own Valorant team.