New PUBG Map Karakin Revealed

PUBG's next map, Karakin, has been teased on Twitter
PUBG's next map, Karakin, has been teased on Twitter | PUBG Corp

A new PUBG map a desert map called Karakin, was announced Tuesday by developer PUBG Corp.

"Karakin: Coming Soon," the developer and publisher wrote in a tweet accompanying five seconds of footage of the new map.

New PUBG map Karakin Revealed

In the footage, two players run across a desert landscape toward a village being bombarded with bombs. The footage complements a pair of images PUBG Corp tweeted earlier Tuesday that now appear to be screenshots from Karakin.

PUBG community manager Hawkinz tweeted Vikendi would rotate out of the active map pool at the start of Season 6, then related that change to PUBG Corp's tweet about Karakin's upcoming arrival. Vikendi will remain playable in custom games.

Recent PUBG data mines suggest Karakin will be a 2x2 map with a mechanic called the "Black Zone," a more destructive twist on the Red Zone that will level buildings in its area of effect. Those same data mines predicted Vikendi would be removed from the game, a prediction proven half true.

PUBG PC Season 5 ends Tuesday evening, when an update will add the Motor Glider to public matches after its stint in PUBG Labs.