Karnok's Wall Dice Locations: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
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Players are trying to find the Lucky Dice throughout Karnok's Wall in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is an FPS with role-playing attributes throughout. Its unique structure and design has caught the attention of many gamers. There are multiple items that you can obtain, including the Lucky Dice.

If you've been playing, you may have been trying to find the Lucky Dice in Karnok's Wall. Here's where to find them.

Karnok's Wall Lucky Dice Locations

There are 20 Lucky Dice locations in Karnok's Wall:

• Starting from the far left, there is one found by using the booster to lift yourself up. It will be around the back of the platform.
• As you make your way to the central point of Wyvern's wall, there is another one located there.
• After the Fate Marker, you will find one on an elevated platform which you can climb to get to.
• As you proceed forward, there is another up the elevated path.
• Once you pass the Fate Marker again, there is another one in the corner.
• There will be one in front of you as you enter the new location.
• Beside this, there is one underneath the elevator.
• To the right of the last one, there is another one at the end of the path. This Lucky Dice, though, is only available once the main storyline is completed (The Son of a Witch).
• Getting back on the main path, you will find another one past the Fate Marker.
• Then, fast travel to The Ribs point on the other side of the map. Travel north, and there will be one inside the cave.
• To the right, run up the pile of bones.
• Backtrack to the fast travel point, and keep walking to the left portion of the map. There is one under the edge of the bridge.
• Keep walking, and there is another one in plain sight.
• To the right, there is another as you drop down.
• After completing the quest, open the wall with a switch.
• Keep walking, and you will find two more.
• There is another one near the end of this side. It is on the top platform of the wood plank puzzle.
• Go back towards the boss area, near the Positive Headspace Fast Travel point. Crawl up the ladder beside the vending machines.
• There is a final one in plain sight after you get through this area.