KAY/O Changes Teased in Valorant Patch 3.02 Notes

Photo by Riot Games

In Valorant's Patch 3.02, changes to Agents themselves weren't featured, but that doesn't mean the development team isn't trying. In the newest patch notes, Jeff Landa, communications associate for Valorant, mentions that the dev team is still observing newest Agent KAY/O, before they decide to implement any changes or tweaks to everyone's favorite robot.

KAY/O Changes Teased in Valorant Patch 3.02 Notes

In the Patch 3.02 notes, the first sentence reads, "More bug fixes in this patch while we continue to evaluate those large Episode 3 changes—especially KAY/O’s overall impact."

This is an obvious sign that while many were expecting Patch 3.02 to offer some Agent balancing, it's most likely to arrive in the next patch, Patch 3.03. This might be disappointing news to some, especially those who believe KAY/O and his suppression abilities are too OP, but it may be better for the development team to be cautious with buffs and nerfs. Nobody wants the game to be thrown off balance too much. As we've seen in other popular multiplayer games, an innocent buff can sometimes to serious damage to the meta, so in this case, taking time with KAY/O is a prudent decision.

For now, it seems that KAY/O will continue to be a mainstay for Valorant, alongside other effective Agents. In Patch 3.02, while it is just bug fixes, some players might find that noteworthy or helpful, so be sure to check out our article on what's included in Patch 3.02.