Kellex Overwatch: Toronto Defiant Pro Retires

Kellex departed the Overwatch League on Friday.
Kellex departed the Overwatch League on Friday. / Ben Pursell/Blizzard Entertainment

Kellex is Overwatch's latest professional player to retire from the game, the Danish main support announced Friday.

Kellex Overwatch: Toronto Defiant Pro Retires

"I'd like to take this time to let my fans, the Defiant fans and everyone else know that I've decided to retire from professional Overwatch," Kristian "Kellex" Keller wrote on Twitter.

"After discussing this with my family and closest friends I know I've made the right decision for myself. It feels like this great weight has been lifted off my shoulders," he wrote.

Kellex, known primarily for his Lúcio and Mercy play, first played Overwatch for Fragsters, long before the establishment of the Overwatch League. He joined the Boston Uprising in the team's inaugural lineup in the league. He moved to the Toronto Defiant in November of 2019, where he remained until his retirement.

Kellex is the latest in a string of high profile departures from the Overwatch League highlighted by 2019 MVP Jay "Sinatraa" Won's decision to jump ship to Sentinels' Valorant team.

"This was the best team I've ever been on with some of the most talented players I've ever had an honor of playing besides. To my teammates, my coaches, my GM and the Defiant organization, I'd like to thank you and wish you all the best of luck with the rest of the Season," Kellex wrote.