Kesha's First Ever Fortnite Game Pays Homage to Lady Gaga

Kesha tries Fortnite for the first time to support Lady Gaga.
Kesha tries Fortnite for the first time to support Lady Gaga. / Santiago Felipe/GettyImages

As Mother Monster takes over Fortnite Festival, Kesha downloaded Fortnite and played her first ever game to pay homage to Lady Gaga.

Fortnite update v28.30 delivered Fortnite Festival Season 2, bringing Lady Gaga to the Rock Band-inspired mode. As the newest headliner taking the main stage, Lady Gaga skins, Jam Tracks, and cosmetics debuted in Fortnite. The 13-time Grammy winner was the most anticipated addition to Epic Games' Battle Royale since The Weeknd arrived at the start of Chapter 5 Season 1. As fans rushed to get Lady Gaga's skins, it looks like Kesha got swept up in the hype.

Kesha's First Ever Fortnite Game Pays Homage to Lady Gaga

In a series of viral, hilarious live posts on X, Kesha detailed her first ever Fortnite game as she supported the new Lady Gaga collaboration. After revealing she has "never played a video game in [her] life," Kesha posted a photo of her new Fortnite account, and of course, she is wearing the Lady Gaga Chromatica Armor skin.

Soon enough, Kesha was spawning into her first Battle Royale game. Check out her reaction below.

Once she successfully survived off spawn, she posted an image of her getting ready to build a floor with the caption, "Should I build a studio here?" Credit to Kesha for spawning into a traditional Battle Royale match as opposed to a Zero Build game, which would have undoubtedly been easier for a new player.

Within four minutes of her posting the image, though, she posted another update, and this one was not as pleasant.

Kesha's heroic efforts to download Fortnite, buy Lady Gaga's skin, and drop into her first match were quickly overshadowed by her swift elimination. She wrote, "OMG" and then did not post on X again for the rest of the night.

Although her in-game death might have been disheartening, she still provided support for Lady Gaga and gave us an entertaining play-by-play of her first match in Fortnite. She did not secure a Victory Royale, but her attempt was a win all things considered.

Is Kesha Coming to Fortnite? Answered

As of now, it does not seem like there are any plans for Kesha to come to Fortnite. However, after her viral posts on X, it would not be surprising to see the popstar arrive in the Battle Royale in the future.