Kindred April Fool's Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

Kindred and their companion are one of four champions receiving a furry friend-themed skin to celebrate the upcoming holiday of April Fool's Day in League of Legends.

Kindred will be joining Nidalee, Kled and Yuumi in getting skins that will decorate them in cat suits, or turn them into the pets entirely, as is the case with Nidalee's "Aspect of the Cougar" ability. In addition, Wolf, Kindred's ally, will be reskinned as a Corgi, while Kindred will remain a cat. This is similar to Kled's new skin, where their companion will be reskinned to be a dog as well.

No information on the title of this skin set has been revealed but it may be related to the pun in the Tweet where they were shown off, which says "Meet your fur-ever friends!".

Below are the details on the skin that players can expect from Riot, but as of now, they are all speculative.

Kindred April Fool's Skin Splash Art

There is no official splash art for Kindred's April Fool's skin, nor any of the other three skins, as of the publication of this article. If it is uploaded, you can find it here.

Kindred April Fool's Skin Price

We do not have confirmation on how much the skin will cost, but it safe to assume it will cost around 1,350 RP.

Kindred April Fool's Skin Release Date

The skin, in addition to other three in the collection, can be expected to be released into League of Legends in the days following real-life April Fool's Day, Apr. 1.

How to Get Kindred April Fool's Skin

Players can buy the skin for the accompanying price once it is officially relesed into the game. However, if they are looking for alternative opportunities, they can try their luck by using one of the game's many methods for achieving skins through luck or chance.