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Kingdom Hearts is Coming to PC

Kingdom Hearts Coming to PC
Kingdom Hearts Coming to PC / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Kingdom Hearts coming to PC has been announced by Epic Games via Twitter. This is huge news for those PC gamers who love Kingdom Hearts but couldn't play it due to it not being on PC.

PC gamers are often left out of big games like Kingdom Hearts, for example. However, PC fans can't go and download the iconic game just yet. The game won't be available for PC users until March 30 of this year.

Luckily, this gives developers the necessary time to adapt the entire Kingdom Hearts series for PC play. The price of the game will be $59.99 for each installment of the series. The one exception is the HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX version. This one will go for $49.99.

This is major news for not just PC fans but fans of current and next-gen consoles. Hopefully, game developers will begin putting all PC games on console and vice versa.

However, until then, we will just have to be happy with Kingdom Hearts being moved to PC. Get ready for March 30!