Kled April Fool's Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

Kled is one of four champions getting an April Fool's skin to celebrate the upcoming holiday in League of Legends. All the skins in this set will emphasize feline features of each champion.

Riot Games will make annual collections to celebrate the holiday, often being playful iterations of the champions who get skins in the collection.

Kled will be joining Nidalee, Kindred and Yuumi in the April Fool's skin set this April. All of these champions, which already exemplify certain cat-like characteristics will be highlighting these same characteristics with these skins. Similarly to Kindred's new skin, Kled's companion, Skaarl, will be reskinned as a dog.

Below are all of the details that we know of Kled's skin specifically.

Kled April Fool's Skin Splash Art

There has not been any official splash art released for this skin, nor any of the other skins in this specific collection.

Kled April Fool's Skin Price

There has been no official information about the price this skin will require, but players can expect around 1,350 RP.

Kled April Fool's Skin Release Date

Typically, the April Fool's skins are available for purchase in the game in the days just after Apr. 1, so players can expect them to be purchasable soon.

How to Get Kled April Fool's Skin

Besides buying the skin for the aforementioned price, players can also, conversely, try their luck with chance events, like Loot Chests, in order to get this skin in their arsenal.