Kliff Kingsbury Madden 20 is upset with how he looks in the game. The head coach of the Arizona Cardinals has recently expressed some distaste for the game because it makes him look bad.

Kliff Kingsbury Madden 20: Kliff Kingsbury Unhappy With How He Looks

Kingsbury via an interview that from the Cardinals that was made public not too long ago. In it, he expressed how several coaches and players have mixed feelings about how they look in the game.

Despite using up to 17 cameras to take simultaneous pictures to create his face and figure in Madden 20, Kinsbury is not pleased. He stated, "So I want to get adjusted on the looks rating. I look like I'm on 'The Walking Dead' in that picture, so I apologize to any of those players I thought, 'Hey, it's just a video game. Why are you upset?' Because I saw my picture on there and I'm not pleased with where we're at."

Although there is nothing that can really be done, now that the game has been released, it is a bit humorous to think of all the players and coaches who feel similarly to Kingsbury regarding their appearances in the game.

Photo courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals