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Knockout City Ranked System Explained

Knockout City has its very own competitive league complete with ranks for players to climb.
Knockout City has its very own competitive league complete with ranks for players to climb. / Velan Studios, EA

Knockout City has its very own competitive league complete with ranks for players to climb.

Brawlers can begin their Knockout City League journey once they reach level 10. This can be accomplished by any method—playing in Streetplay, completing Contracts, etc. According to Chris "Merc" Mercado, Gameplay and Technical Designer, "the basic structure of League Play is dead simple."

We've broken down the entire process below.

Knockout City Ranked System Explained

Playlists will rotate every season with at least one team-based option and one solo option. In Season 1, these are 3v3 Team KO and Face-Off, respectively. Both playlists are tracked independently, but there's no difference in system or bragging rights between them. Brawlers are free to choose whichever suits them and work their way up the ranks.

There are eight—technically nine, counting "Unranked" at the very start—league ranks for players to advance through:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Sapphire
  6. Emerald
  7. Ruby
  8. Diamond

How to Advance

Unsurprisingly, brawlers advance by winning matches. One win nets each individual League Point (LP). After a streak of three wins in a row, an extra LP is awarded for a total of four, and the scheme changes. Every additional consecutive win will award two LP instead of one for as long as the streak continues. Any break reverts them back to the original scheme: one LP per win.

Losing a match takes away one LP. As Merc puts it: "Wins are good. Win Streaks are better. Losing is bad. Don't lose."

Be aware, however, that this system only affects Silver and up. Unranked and Bronze players are evaluated and awarded LP differently.

Rank Details

All brawlers start at the very bottom as Unranked. Every match in Unranked awards one LP regardless of outcome, so it's really just a matter of playing as much as you can.

Eventually, they'll hit Bronze—the standardized test rank. That is to say, every win gets one LP, but every loss simply doesn't give rewards. Brawlers aren't truly penalized for losing in Bronze. They'll just be stuck there for longer than their peers.

The traditional LP scheme kicks in once brawlers reach Silver.

Every rank once brawlers break out of Unranked is made up of three different tiers. Once they've achieved a certain tier, they'll keep that tier for the season—so once they hit Gold I they won't have to worry about falling back to Silver.

Next season, they'll be placed at the bottom of their previous division: Gold II players return to Silver I, and so on.

Platinum is the end of the traditional ranking system.

Elite Ranks

The Elite Ranks begin immediately after Platinum—Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby—and end with Diamond. Once brawlers hit Diamond, they'll be able to see their skill level directly on a scale from one to 5000. The closer they are to 5000, they closer they are to being this season's top dog.


Brawlers will be awarded exclusive items and cosmetics for clawing their way up. If they participate in both playlists, prizes will be awarded based on the highest rank achieved between the two.

Regardless, those that reach Platinum this season will earn a variety of bonuses, including:

  • "Fast Fashion" Uncommon Glider
  • "Here’s Lookin’ at You" Rare Taunt
  • "I’m #1" Epic KO Effect
  • "Hit ‘n’ Run" Legendary Ultimate Hologram
  • Platinum Trophy and Player Icon
  • 200 Holobux, two Energy Drinks, and two Style Chips

Rewards for Elite Ranks are "a truck of rewards and Holobux" dropped at a brawler's feet. According to Merc, these will be "the coveted Chrome versions of the rewards unlocked in the previous Divisions" so they'll be remarkably noticeable on the field.

More information about the ranked league system in Knockout City can be found on the Knockout City news site.