Knockout City Secret Achievements Explained

Knockout City and how to complete all 16 secret achievements
Knockout City and how to complete all 16 secret achievements /

Knockout City has secret achievements for players to earn and show off to their friends who may have no idea secret achievements even exist! Here's how to grab all 16 secret achievements in Knockout City.

Knockout City Secret Achievements

If Knockout City has fancied you, a few of the secret achievements will be picked up by just playing. Here's a full list of the secret achievements:

  • NO ESCAPE - Throw a Caged player off the map
  • BLAST OFF - KO two opponents with a single Bomb ball
  • HIGH SCORE - Score 3 Hits with a Multi Ball in quick succession
  • CATCHING BULLETS - Catch a Sniper Shot
  • ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN - Be airborne for 30 seconds straight while holding a Moon Ball
  • YOU SHALL NOT PASS - In Rooftop Rumble, KO Finish 3 players without leaving the bridge
  • WRECK 'EM! - In Concussion Yard, KO Finish an opponent while riding the Wrecking Ball
  • HIT AND RUN - In Knockout Roundabout, KO Finish an opponent while riding a car
  • TAKING OUT THE TRASH - In Galaxy Burger, KO Finish an opponent with a trash chute
  • HASTA LUEGO! - In Back Alley Bowl, Avoid a thrown dodgeball by entering a Tube
  • GET OFF MY LAWN - In the Hideout, tackle the T.A.R.G.E.T. Dummy off the roof
  • PENDULUM - In Concussion Yard, ride the wrecking ball for 15 seconds straight
  • EARNING MILES - In Rooftop Rumble, glide from the Bandstand to the Gardens
  • TRAFFIC CIRCLE - In Knockout Roundabout, ride a car all the way around
  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL - In Galaxy Burger, fall through a trash chute
  • DANGEROUS DELIVERY - In Back Alley Brawl, throw a ticking Bomb Ball into a Tube

As you can see, many of the secret achievements require specific actions to happen, with some achievements are very possible to be completed while you are just playing the game casually.