Knockout City Trophy Guide

Look no further for a trophy guide for Knockout City
Look no further for a trophy guide for Knockout City / Photo by Electronic Arts

With the release of Knockout City back on May 21, players have been diving head first into the new game, and with that, comes the achievement hunters. For those that desire completion of the brand new action sports game, here's our guide to achieving perfection in Knockout City.

Knockout City Trophy Guide

There's a grand total of 50 trophies in Knockout City, and the main way to get most of them is simply by playing the game, with some being related to experience points, played matches, and KOs. However, some players might have difficulty with the secret achievements/trophies in the game.

The secret achievements/trophies aren't difficult once you know them, but that's the tricky part. Many are related to actions performed on various maps, and specific player actions. Here's a list of some of the more tricky ones:

  • Blast Off - KO two opponents with a single Bomb ball
  • Catching Bullets - Catch a Sniper Shot
  • Wreck 'Em! - In Concussion Yard, KO Finish an opponent while riding the Wrecking Ball
  • Taking Out the Trash - In Galaxy Burger, KO Finish an opponent with a trash chute
  • Pendulum - In Concussion Yard, ride the wrecking ball for 15 seconds straight
  • Hasta Luego! - In Back Alley Brawl, Avoid a thrown dodgeball by entering a Tube
  • You Shall Not Pass - In Rooftop Rumble, KO Finish 3 players without leaving the bridge
  • Earning Miles - In Rooftop Rumble, glide from the Bandstand to the Gardens

In addition, working with other players may help when trying to acquire some of these achievements/trophies, so if you've got friends trying to snag some as well, they'll be a great resource. In any case, patience will be necessary in your quest to perfect Knockout City.