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Kojima Addresses Blue Box Game Studios' Abandoned Conspiracies

Hideo Kojima/Spotify

Hideo Kojima has put to rest the conspiracies surrounding him and Blue Box Game Studios' Abandoned.

As reported by VGC, Kojima spoke on his Spotify podcast about theories that he has been involved in controversial title Abandoned. In the new episode, the developer spoke with Geoff Keighley on the theories being "a nuisance."

“Users just kept sending me pictures of this ‘Hasan’,” Kojima told Keighley. “They still send me collages and deep fake images, like twenty a day.

Blue Box Game Studios' Abandoned has been the source of much discussion, owing to its repeated delays and, aside from a teaser, nothing of substance having been revealed. The Blue Box Studio's Twitter account has been largely inactive since April this year, when the page posted a poll asking fans if they "want us to show DEVELOPMENT footages of Abandoned: Prologue?" The footage, or the promised RealTime Experience app, has yet to materialize.

A Reddit forum r/TheBlueBoxConspiracy attempted to make connections between Abandoned's director Hasan Kahraman and Hideo Kojima, largely based on the latter's tendency to create cryptic build-up for his games.

As mentioned by VGC in their report, some of the attempted links include Hasan having previously developed an exercise app as a “Personal Training (PT) app.” Many on the subreddit connected this as a reference to P.T., the cancelled Silent Hills teaser of which Kojima was attached. Conspirators made the claim that Hasan and Kojima were one and the same.

Despite Abandoned's mysterious development further playing into the conspiracy, it seems that there's very little truth to it all. Kojima is working on his next project, which he has since been teasing through a number of images featuring actresses Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna.