Kojima Announces New Action-Espionage Game (Physint)

Physint will begin development soon.
Physint will begin development soon. / Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima has been extremely busy lately. The creator recently announced the development of Death Stranding 2 at the 2022 Game Awards and recently confirmed its title, Death Stranding: On the Beach. Kojima and filmmaker Jordan Peele also announced another project, OD, in which players will experience what it's like to overdose on fear. Now, the video game designer has another game in the works called Physint.

Kojima Announces New Action-Espionage Game (Physint)

The State of Play presentation has many exciting titles to look forward to, like Rise of the Ronin, Sonic X Shadow Generations, and more.

One of the most anticipated titles — especially for Metal Gear Solid fans — is Kojima Production's Physint. Kojima describes the game in a Twitter/X post as a new action espionage that uses "cutting-edge technology" and talented actors from movies and video games. He sets even higher hopes for the title by stating the intercative game will be of movie quality.

Although Kojima is the mastermind behind Metal Gear Solid, Konami owns the game. Since Kojima left the studio and made Kojima Productions, Physint is his chance to make something Metal-Gear-Solid-esque and call it his own.

There's no estimate on when the game will be released. According to the official Kojima Productions website, Physint's production will begin after Death Stranding 2.