Konami Announces Multiplayer Mystery Crimesight

Crimesight is an upcoming Konami social deduction game.
Crimesight is an upcoming Konami social deduction game. / Photo courtesy of Konami

Konami revealed a new "mystery simulation game" called Crimesight on Thursday. The game is a multiplayer social deduction game set in a distant, dystopian future version of London.

In the world of Crimesight, crimes can be predicted using "an analytical programme developed using data harvested online," resulting in a 90% drop in criminal activity the world over. When the system predicts a crime that could destabilize the entire glob, its creators develop an AI named Sherlock to solve the crime before it happens. Sherlock goes up against an evil AI named after Sherlock Holmes' longtime enemy, Moriarty.

In each match of Crimesight, Sherlock attempts to stop Moriarty from killing a character in-game. Two to four players can play, and the game seems heavily inspired by tabletop games.

Players can sign up for the game's closed Steam beta either by following the Crimesight Twitter account and retweeting this tweet, or by joining the Crimesight Discord server and reacting to a specific message. Participants will be randomly selected from among those who register by July 10, but the beta will begin June 25 and continue through July 11.

Crimesight has yet to receive a release date.