Korean Broadcaster to Build Overwatch Team on Reality TV Show

Korean national broadcaster KBS is looking to produce a new reality show called “God of Overwatch,” in which it will scout Korean talent and build a professional team from the ground up, according to a repot from Korean gaming site Gameple.

Per the report, the show is taking submissions from players until April 30. Preliminary matches will be filmed May 13 at the KBS Hall in Seoul, with the show set to launch in June.

Korean cryptocurrency company Suponic announced on its Facebook page Friday it was developing a reality TV show about Overwatch with KBS. That show is likely “God of Overwatch.”

Precursor shows in a similar vein such as “The Next Gamer” in Australia or “Gamerz” in Sweden have failed to make a mark. “The Next Gamer” aired only a single season, while players from “Gamerz” reportedly went unpaid.

If there’s any market where “God of Overwatch” would find success, it’s likely Korea. The region continues to dominate the Overwatch League in both quality and quantity of players, and even its Contenders league is considered to have play on par with the Overwatch League.

Photo by Robert Paul/Blizzard