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Krampus Nerfed in Warzone Following Player Complaints

Krampus has been nerfed.
Krampus has been nerfed. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Krampus has been nerfed in Call of Duty: Warzone following an outpouring of player complaints about the Christmas demon.

Development studio Raven Software added Krampus, the Christmas demon known for beating children with birch rods in Central and Eastern Alpine folklore, to Warzone as part of its Festive Fervor event. Krampus hunts down random players in Warzone matches, presenting a new player-vs.-environment challenge for Warzone participants.

Krampus Nerfed in Warzone Following Player Complaints

Players quickly took issue with this new addition, decrying him as too hard to kill, leading them to feel as though they'd been targeted for deletion by a completely random element that ruined their games.

Raven Software responded to these complaints Tuesday by nerfing Krampus. They announced the changes on Twitter:

Krampus' health has been reduced significantly across all modes / respective squad sizes
Krampus no longer spawns after the 4th Circle

"Let this be a less to all those pesky Elves," Raven wrote.

It's not clear how long Krampus will remain in the game, but players can expect it to stick around at least until after Christmas itself.