Kujou Sara Genshin Impact: Everything You Need to Know

courtesy of miHoYo

Kujou Sara is a character in Genshin Impact who is suspected as a playable character.

Kujou Sara was first mentioned with the release of Kaedehara Kazuha. Only her suspected silhouette has been released by miHoYo, but fans are asking for more information about her.

Make note that the photo in the tweet is not an official design by miHoYo. It is a creative piece based on a suspected leak by Genshin Impact fans.

Kujou Sara Genshin Impact: Everything You Need to Know

As mentioned earlier, Sara is revealed through Kazuha. He says that Sara defeated his friend during a dual, and that her clan seems to be working under the Vision Hunt Decree. The Vision Hunt Decree was a governmental order by a woman named Baal Dimbreath in order to keep Electro vision sacred.

Baal has been also rumored as one of the upcoming five star character. On the other hand, we do not know much about Sara. Sara is most likely to be an electro affiliated to Inazuma. Hopefully more information is revealed once the next wave of characters are released into the game in mid July.